Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Exciting News- My Own Business!

Some of my faithful readers already know this, but I have been working on getting my own dog walking and petsitting business going. It's called WOOF! SLC.

I have a LOT of details still to work out, but so far, I have registered as an LLC with the State of Utah, and created my own website...nothing fancy, just simple and easy to use.

I'd love feedback on the website, or anything else that you might have thoughts on. I hope to be taking real clients by June 1.

Please stop over to the site and it's sister blog, which you can link to from the site, or also from here on the lower right link list.



alison said...

Congratulations Melissa!! The blog and website looks great--when can I start recommending you to everyone?

Wasatch Girl said...

Holy crap... you already have a website! You are amazing! I was just going to email you to see how things were going with it. Give me the details of what or who you used to get your website up. I will definitely blog and twitter about the new business.....

Anna said...
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Anna said...

I just found your blog through AT. love your style and love your heart toward animals. Thank you.
Good luck to your business! I wish you live in FL so that I can go vacation without any worries!

adam and melissa said...

Thank you Alison, Rachel, and Anna for your support, I really appreciate it!


J V said...
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J V said...

Feel free to lift any of my doggie pics for your site. If you want unstamped copies, just ask!

Good luck!!!

woofslc said...


You are too sweet, thanks so much! I've actually been trying my hand at photography, I bought a Canon Digi Rebel, and have been doing a lot of doggie portraits. I'm trying to get better, it's tough :)

Thanks so much for the support!!