Friday, March 13, 2009

Honey's Got a Grampa!




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Today I took Honey back to the the vet that cared for her for 3 months. Dr. Hassinger of Mountain View deserves the Nobel Peace Prize in my opinion. It was a happy reunion, as all of the staff there were elated to see Honey, and they couldn't believe how healthy and happy she looked! They said it was so far from where she started- abandoned there by her last owner, who refused to treat her medical needs, bathe her, and wanted to put her to sleep. When they got her she was bald and filthy. They nursed her back to health for 3 months until they could find a suitable situation for her. It was evident how much they loved her, as everyone took turns coming to give her love and meet her new family- me and her new Grampa Lipani (too bad Adam was at work and didn't get to meet everyone)! Her new 'forever' Grampa, my dad, loves Honey, and she loves him. They took a snooze together. Later today I gave Honey a frisbee I bought her, and she looked like a flower when she put her face through it. She made me laugh! I'm so glad her story has a happy ending. We got her one month ago today, and she fits right in. Tiggs loves her, and Winnie still wants to kill her...we're working on it!


KatieGirlBlue said...

Such a sweet story, Melissa. I really admire your dedication to these little pups. And the snoot through the frisbee picture made me laugh out loud.

adam and melissa said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting Katie! Hope you are well and getting out to play!