Sunday, March 08, 2009

Consider Helping a Homeless Animal- Become a Foster Parent!

Ok, so I'm not doing so well at fostering, as Honey will most likely be a permanent addition over at our house.

But, I did convince my good friends John and Jaima to give fostering a try, since No More Homeless Pets is swamped with dogs right now. Our program is no kill, and we can only save and pull as many animals off of euthanasia lists at other shelters as we have space and foster homes for.

John and Jaima decided to give it a try since their sweet boy Loc has been lonely since their angel Ky crossed the rainbow bridge last Spring. Yesterday they picked up Candy, aka Bain (perhaps her new name?!). You can read about Candy/Bain here.


shannon said...

Wow! You're keeping her??

Haha, we both suck at fostering. It's impossible to not want to keep them.

adam and melissa said...

That's right! I forgot Peanut was a foster too! Yeah, it's too hard dammit. Too bad Winnie still wants to kill her. We have to muzzle Winnie and keep her seperated, so it's not easy, but we're working REALLY hard with them and a trainer. I'm officially the CRAZY DOG LADY!!