Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Blues

Well, it's hot here. 100 degrees to be exact. All motivation to climb routes, or boulder has ceased since my last post, and I have basically not climbed at all in about a month, maybe longer. I am still training Capoeira though, usually 2-3 times a week, and I'm getting better, though that is relative, since I still suck. I am getting alot of my acrobatic skills back from my younger days as a gymnast. This is without a doubt my favorite part about Capoeira. I can walk 30-40 feet on my hands forwards and backwards, do two-handed handstand hops, do regular static handstands, handstand pirouettes (even a little on one hand!), do standing backflips (Salto Mortals), aerials (au, or no handed cartwhell basically), Macacao's (means "monkey")-kind of like a cross between a back walkover and a back handspring, but you start sitting on your butt, and many other cool tricks to impress people at parties. Adam will start taking more pics of me flying through the air. I plan to also start training more acrobatics at Hunt's gymnastics with my group so I can push myself a little harder, since all of the aforementioned tricks are done without padding!

Today I also plan to start climbing again...I hope. I am trying to motivate to go into the gym and get psyched for fall. We just finished the OR show madness, and saw lots of great climbing friends and also hosted a couple of visiting climbers, Sean and Jason McColl from Vancouver. It was a lot of fun, and also a very busy time for everyone.

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