Monday, July 09, 2007

What's Up

Adam and I have been busy enjoying our summer. We have been climbing routes a little bit here and there, mostly between American Fork and Maple Canyon. We also have had the chance to check out the bouldering high up in the Uinta's, about an hour from SLC. In addition to enjoying the climbing, we had the chance to hit the Farmer's Market, which we love, and also a few garage sales where Adam got some cool vintage shirts. We have enjoyed lots of good food, and drinks of course, with our many awesome friends. Life is good, no complaints!

Back in late May, Melissa began getting her ass, training in Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, with roots in dance and acrobatics developed by African slaves in Brazil 500 years ago. The slaves wanted to train in martial arts in order to protect and defend themselves, but had to make it look like a dance. What has evolved over the years is an amazing art form that is part dance, part acrobatics, and part martial art, all done to the rythmic instruments in the roda or circle, where people "play" with one another doing series of kicks, flips, aerials, and ground and handstand maneuvers. It is beautiful to watch, and extremely fun and addictive to learn. Even Adam knows some of the moves and songs now! Go to for more photos and video's of Melissa's newest crazy obssesion.

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