Thursday, November 11, 2004

Welcome home Scott!

Adam and I have been busy in Kentucky, climbing alot, exploring Lexington, and waiting for word from Scotty, Adam's little brother, to arrive home from Afghanistan. Finally, that time has come, and we are currently in Ft. Bragg, NC with him, welcoming him home. Hopefully, by next week, he will return to Washington and be home for good!

We have been doing alot of discussing about future plans, and we could might even enjoy living in Lexington for a short period of time, as ONE possibility, so I will be researching some grad school options there. That is only an idea, and we will still continue on in our travels, and stay in the general Southeast region until Christmas. We plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with a quiet meal somewhere in the outdoors, then we will head to Alabama and Tennessee. Adam has been working hard on restdays to put the finishing touches on his research, and we will continue looking at options along the way.

Keep emailing us on our personal addresses or post here if you find anything interesting or amusing!

Adam, Melissa, Winnie and Tigger


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
Grant and I are going to be in the Knoxville area 19-25 of this month. We planned on climbing at least a couple of days in between family stuff. Will you be around? E-mail me if you get a chance


Anonymous said...

Adam and Melissa:

....glad you guys discovered the joy of southeastern sandstone. If you're up for it check out some of the fine fine granite and metamorphic rock in the blue ridge and piedmont of north carolina. Moore's Wall, Stone Mountain, and Looking Glass have always been some of my favorites.

I getting jealous just reading about your time at the RRG and the New.

Take er easy.

Matt Findley.