Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Road Less Traveled

Here we are in Franconia, the one time residence of Robert Frost. We couldn't tour the house, however, because someone lives there...though they do let you tour certain times of the day. We have climbed alot, seen two covered bridges, went to the ocean to eat lobster with Marc and Rach, and tried swimming in a chilly mountain lake. Life is good. Tommorrow we will head to Maine to check out some of the climbing around there. Yesterday we saw "The Basin" or the
"Old Man's Foot". It looked like the kind of water fall flume (natural) that inspired the invention of the modern water slide. We wanted to tube it so bad! Will update more later. Oh yeah, got a Satellite phone call from Scotty in Afghanistan last night while camping in the Nat'l Forest! Too cool to be able to talk between two remote places. We miss him, but he sounded good. We look forward to visiting him in Ft. Bragg in November. A&M.

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