Saturday, September 25, 2004

Pawtuckaway bouldering and babysitting

We've been bouldering for the last few days at Pawtuckaway near Manchester, NH. Granite bouldering in a deep, dark forest with eerie swamps all over the place. The frogs make some funny noises at night. We've liked it so much that we're spending a couple extra days around here. Made some knew friends up at Shagg (Anna and Jeremy) and they joined us down here and brought their slobber-machine dog, Bert. Winnie and Tigger love tag-team wrestling with him.

Marc and Rachel (and their new baby, Hanna) live right around the corner and we're babysitting for a few hours while the new parents get some sleep. We don't really know what we're doing. Hanna was quiet for an hour but now has started pooping every 5 minutes. We have dubbed her the "Poop Machine". Hanna is super cute.

We should be wrapping up here soon and should be at the Gunks (New Paltz, NY) by midweek.


Drew Holmes said...

Grandma P wanted me to post this for her:

Drew - I was just checking Adam and Melissa's web page and tried to send a
"comment" and it said "This page is unavailable" so couldn't do it. So it
you send a comment to him tell him for me that I am checking on him
frequently and really enjoying his pictures and his acquired New England
accent. :-) Grandma P,

Anonymous said...

Well, I see that Drew sent my message. Don't know why it was "unavailable" before. Anyway, I am keeping close tabs on you and enjoying your pics, etc. Love, Grandma P.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Melissa, I'm very happy you are having a good time camping outside...I've been doing that too, but we call it WAR!!!!!! Camping must be more fun when shit isn't blowing up around you. So enjoy your time and I will hopefully be back at Ft. Bragg around the first week in November. See ya, Scotty from Afghanistan

Drew Holmes said...

I heard from Mel that Scott wanted to camp for a few weeks when he gets back from the Middle East....I think he has shell shock. What he needs to do is start running and shed a few of those MRE pounds. When you see him Adam try and pick him up.....holy &^%%$#&*.

See you soon Scotty Potty :)

Anonymous said...

Andy, AKA "Drew" or "Dumbass",

I've been getting paid to kill people, so it is not a good idea to piss me off. There will be a new statue at Boys Town, "He ain't heavy, he's my dead brother." Kinda like it's not wise to upset a Wookie. Yes, I blame the MRE's as well as the 10lbs of chocolate that comes in a week for me. Andy, what'd you do with box??? Hubba-Bubba!!!!

SSG Scotty from hell

Drew Holmes said...

HUBBA BUBBA...You going to that Party?