Thursday, May 28, 2009

Need a Lift? Volunteer!

My good friend Rachel, recently back from her kick ass 10 month climbing road trip, asked if she could come and check out what we do with the dogs when we volunteer for No More Homeless Pets. We were thrilled to have her, and Sparky the pit bull was even more thrilled. Rachel fell in love, and Sparky was a fantastic breed ambassador. Rachel has an inspiring view on volunteerism- give back by choosing a weekly volunteer project! She not only takes time out of her busy life as a brilliant venture capitalist, but then takes even more time to spread the word and the mission of whatever lucky, wonderful organization that she has helped. Awesome idea!


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Wasatch Girl said...

Hey girl,
I saw this post last week but didn't have the chance to write up a comment. Thanks for the shout out and for letting me join you that day to volunteer. Hopefully I will see you and the pups soon!