Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Update on Tiggs

 This was Tiggs a few days ago.

This is a pic from less than a year ago
 Tiggs is doing so much better- his PCV's are in the remission range, but as you can see, the drugs that have helped in his recovery have ravaged his body a fair bit. Yesterday, we were able to lower his Prednisone again- that was great! He is now on what would be considered a 'low dose.' However, as you can see, the muscle wasting around his head, and back legs is pretty tremendous. Even though his dose at it's current level would not be enough to cause this, the previous doses were so high, that this occurred over a just few weeks time after his initial diagnosis. I'm told by other survivors of IMHA that this muscle damage could take a year to reverse- but it will reverse after he is off of Pred. He has also yet to grow back the fur that was shaved off of his two front legs on July 16 for his blood transfusion. 

Through it all, Tiggs always has a kiss and a tail wag for his vet, and all of his friends- human and canine, every time he sees them. Also, he now ways 70 lbs! This is 10 more lbs than he has ever weighed, and if this picture showed his mid-section, you would think that he swallowed a barrel- this is partly from the meds, but also due to his large fan club at BD that bring him treats everyday.  He loves them so much!  Also, Tiggs has been going on long walks every night to help him get strong.  He is still able to pull me pretty hard, and he can go at a good clip for about an hour, which is wonderful to see.
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J V said...

Go Tiggs!

Wasatch Girl said...

Keep it up, Tiggs!