Sunday, December 02, 2007

Our Life in a nutshell (operative prefix being NUTS)

So, Adam and I thought it would be a great idea to buy a house when we werent' really planning it, and try to sell our other house at a time when the nation's real estate market is in major crises. We thrive on chaos, what can we say.

I haven't climbed pretty much since my last post titled Bronson, which amounts to about a month ago. I am totally OCD in many aspects of my life, and usually when I am climbing, that provides a focused outlet for that energy. Without it, I am forced to hand arrange cranberries on wreaths, paint an entire 1500 sq. foot new house, and scrub and rescrub floors, tubs, and toilets on my hands and knees....but that's allright, we don't need to psychoanalyze that right now.

Here are lots of photos of our new home, which is pretty rad. It was built in 1910, but an architecht who lived here remodled in the early 90's, and it's pretty creative and gave us a great space to live in. The house needed no work, except for a thorough paint job (we had to un-do some Miami Vice favorite was Grimace Purple- remember Grimace from McDonalds?). We've also added some panels from Salt Lake company 3Form, of which my good friend Wendy is an integral part. Check out for some of the sweetest design you'll ever see.

Thanks to Tina, Tom, and Kevin who donated their time and elbow grease to help us paint the entire house!Thanks to Kimmy for food, beer, and friendship during hellacious 12 hour painting days and Wendy and Dave for their awesome ladder and for help with the panels!

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Drew Holmes said...

Nice wreath OCD girl