Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer far...

Well, here is a massive picture posting of all the happenings of the occupants of 1864 Lake St. A summary of what's been going on:

  • we got an ice cream maker in our neighboorhood garage sale, and Adam made a delicious homeade chocolate ice cream. There is a pic of Winnie sitting next to it.
  • winnie decided to take herself on a walk, and got 2 of our shoes stuck in her leash, then as she exited the house via the dog door, got the shoes anchored in the flaps. this made her slightly crazy as she tugged the leash on the other side trying to pull the whole mess thru the door. in an annoyed frenzy, she stuck her head back thru the dog door and grabbed the shoes, pulling everything thru the hole and continuing on her journey- totally hilarious!
  • during Memorial weekend, we went to Cedar Breaks national monument in southern utah, the really cool orangey looking rock formations, and explored nearby climbing. both dogs managed to get skunked, point blank...weekend immediately over.
  • eric and leigh came to town from denver, and we went out to a nice dinner with their beautiful one year old daughter Blythe, and friends jon and ellie.
  • we went on vacation to flagstaff, arizona to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary and check out the town and the climbing where we befriended a huge great dane named abe.
  • we had a romantic dinner and even got a room in a "historic" or should i say "hysteric" you can see the (no joke) Esther Williams suite. ha ha!
  • in a day of sheer relaxation and boredome, we decided to take family portraits with graham crackers- we all had a lot of laughs posing for our self portraits

That's what's been going on. Good times. Hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of our adventures.

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