Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sunrise Bouldering

Recently obsessed over yet another boulder problem, I tried desperately in vain, to bribe young impressionable high school and young college aged men to accompany me to Joe's Valley for a 5 am climbing session. I tried the usual ruses, beer, dinner, gas money, etc, in exchange for a good spot on my latest project, Hooters, a tall, thin, beautiful face in Joe's Valley. The 5 am part was a neccesity, given the rising temps in the Utah desert. I couldn't find anyone crazy enough to take me up on my generous offer, except for the best young impressionable, easily bribed young buck, my husband Adam. Off we went Saturday night to camp out, our first camping expedition since our year on the road ended in September. After no sleep, and a terrible case of nausea caused by waking up WAY too early, we, actually I, began my warm up at 5:30 am. As I struggled to warm up, I couldn't help but wonder whose rediculous idea this was. As the sun began to come up over the hills, I started to feel the beauty and the magic that the early morning quiet had to offer, and I sent the problem just after 7 am. It was an awesome experience, and I've decided that sunrise climbing is a great idea afterall.

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Drew Holmes said...

congrats!!! I love coffee and hooters in the morning too!!!!!! you are my hero!!!!