Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our vacation from our vacation.

Over the last week, things have been hectic. We spent several days in Salt Lake City, a place we hope to call home. We pounded the pavement looking at several potential homes and touring the many shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. Despite the reputation SLC has to many people, this city is great, and much more diverse than you'd expect. We had coffee, walked around, and yes, got margaritas too!

We didn't linger long, however, as we had to crew for our friend Eric at the Leadville 100-a hardcore, 100 mile trail run at 10-13,000 feet with little to no rests. This was Eric's second go at the race, and last year he was unable to finish. This year, however, Eric rocked it, and finished the grueling race in just under 28 hours. Everyone had a great time, and we are all exhausted but thrilled for Eric, who worked super hard. We had a great crew including Eric's parents, Marv and Nikki, his wife Leigh, and of course, good friends Adam, Melissa, Jeff and Ryan. Everyone was motivating and we were a great team. Looking forward to next years race!


Drew Holmes said...

WOW 100 miles, very respectable. I did 13 in a race last week and am still sore. That helps me make the 26 mile marathon feel like a warmup. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck in salt lake.

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys now?!

Inquiring minds.....