Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Back in the USA

And we're back!!

Once again, Melissa and Adam found themselves in a soggy location (Squamish) where all the locals said, "Man, it doesn't usually rain this much." We knew it was bad when the famous Jason Kehl even said he wasn't having any good days climbing. So, we packed it up and headed back over the border to the States. We camped one night in Quartz Flats Campground in Montana. Quite possibly the worst campground in the lower 48. It's close to the interstate but we can handle road noise from all our Wal-Mart camping experience. But freight trains are another story. And 10 freight trains over the course of a night can make you quite grumpy. The campground host quickly refunded our money when Melissa said, "You might want to post a sign that says MANY LOUD TRAINS ALL NIGHT." Now we're in Ten Sleep, WY where the weather is plenty dry. Let's hope it stays that way.

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