Saturday, January 22, 2005

What? No Pictures?

I'm sorry to report that our digital camera is on the fritz. We might not be able to take any more pictures on the trip (at least digitally). Hopefully, it will be fixed or replaced soon. But just imagine a pic of me belly-flopping onto the top of an egg shaped boulder...that's what I would have posted.

We just went bouldering in Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. Great sloper problems that are ridiculously hard whether they are V2 or V6. It's like a section of Fontainebleau, France was airlifted into the backwoods of Alabama. There's even a lot of Quebecois climbers here speaking French to add to the illusion that Paris is only 40 minutes away. But instead of pattisseries..we only have Wal-Mart. Zut alors!

We both had some injuries but they seem to be healed up now. Knock on wood.

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Drew Holmes said...

WHAT????? No pics? get that thing fixed, I could mail you my work camera which does not have the greatest resolution I think it is 2 meg pics but at least would work for the blog.