Monday, December 20, 2004


Bouldering and golfing at Little Rock City, TN. The climbing here is situated in the rough at a golf course. Luckily, the climbers are allowed to do their thing if they sign a waiver and keep a low profile. That's great because the bouldering is fantastic.

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Drew Holmes said...

Hey is that near Chatanooga? that may be where we played golf when I was there. I could not imagine the locals in Bend letting climbers on the golf course ( snotty folks) that is awesome. Well Jennelle and Isis are in Mexico City and it sounds like it is cloder there than in Bend where we went road biking afor a few hours each day this weekend in short sleeves. Ma and Pa coming down for the holidays and we will have a relaxed holiday with a few people here. I will travel to Mexico over New Years and will bring back pics of Jennelle with all of our cousins.